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Yacht Engineering has its concerns about the future safe sailing or indwelling the internal compartments of the yacht.
We normally would like to think that the air in very prestigious and expensive superyachts on board is clean and disinfected, but is it really like that?

Since we specialize in cleaning the internal ducting system on superyachts -  https://www.yacht-engineering.com/en/service/ducts-cleaning/,
we would like to have our input and make sure the internal circulation air will have certain quality and will not be a reason to spread similar viruses
as COVID 19 or any airborne diseases - 
Our further development in providing a healthy yacht environment will be to introduce Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection method on the air conditioning system on board. UV lights are known tо kill viruses, microbes and bacteria and for this reason UV devices are normally used for sterilization in the hospitals and food processing facilities. Exposure to UV radiation is also very harmful to our skin and eyes by causing cancer and cataracts. 
Superyachts and any other ships have common circulation system on board and are very vulnerable in spreading diseases like COVID 19. The air conditioning system on board normally doesn’t isolate the single cabins by recirculating the air inside this space but it comes from centrally controlled air handler which mixes the air from different compartment. In case that a person is sick from COVID 19 and even if he is isolated in one cabin, the common recirculation system will spread the virus through the ship and most probably infecting rest of the crew and guests. This should be the main reason to have more than 700 persons infected on passenger vessel Dimond Princess out of 3400 , as per the news all infected by a single person tested positive from the previous cruise and already disembarked.

Here are the measures that we can propose in order to reduce number of infected persons on board: 

Please note, our advice here is only suggestion by our experience,
if you would like to have a precise instructions how to prevent spreading COVID-19 on your boat please, contact us
and we will study the air conditioning and ventilation system onboard and provide further recommendations. Please call us!


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