NB! Do not forget to clean your ventilation system! Yacht-Engineering - Superyacht technical management, yacht survey, superyacht project engineering

NB! Do not forget to clean your ventilation system!

You have super expensive yacht for millions?

You have to be sure that the air you are breathing is clean without any bacteria, microorganisms, etc.!

You deserve a better air quality inside your superyacht!

Because the most important thing is your health! 


Why does the ventilation system in the yachts need to be cleaned?

- Keep the healthy condition in the yacht environment;
- To improve the efficiency of the ventilation system;
- To clean the expensive carpets, bed linings from dirt and molds;
- To prevent mold growth and consequent unpleasant smell inside the yacht;
- Dirty laundry and galley ducts are dangerous fire hazards;
- Land base regulations impose strict rules by applying regular cleaning of ventilation ducts.

How frequently does the ventilation system need cleaning?
According to our experience, we recommend air conditioning ducts and fan coils to be cleaned every 2-3 years, galley and laundry ducts – annually. This is in case the yacht is used all year round in the two seasons, otherwise the intervals can be doubled.

The bacteria, the mold and the dust mites are your enemies!
Unfortunately they live in your ventilation system, so you have to be sure that it is cleaned!
We don’t want to scare you but there are some possible diseases if you don’t clean you ventilation system regularly:
Shortness of breath, development of asthma in people who did not previously suffer from it, lower respiratory symptoms (coughing, wheezing, chest tightness), harmful immune responses, e.g. allergies or the uncommon occurrence of hypersensitivity pneumonitis; infections; and irritation; respiratory allergies; there are doubts it can cause symptoms such as skin irritations, fatigue, cancer, lung disease, or respiratory infections.

We can help you to make your air clean! 

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NB! Do not forget to clean your ventilation system!