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Ducts Cleaning

Our system and technology are based on the experience in yachting industry that we gained through the years where individual and specific approach is required. The system allows us to reach every part of the ducts and to minimize removing of the interior panels and fittings. In some special occasions, we will use access hatches to achieve quality cleaning with minimal impact to the interior furniture. We use multilayer filter box along with HEPA filter to prevent contaminating of the interior and external environment. The interior panels and furniture are entirely protected.

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-Cleaning of air handling units;
-Cleaning of hard and flexible ventilation ducts of the A/C, galley and laundry.   

Why does the ventilation system need to be cleaned?

- Keep the healthy condition in the yacht environment;- To improve the efficiency of the ventilation system;
- To clean the expensive carpets, bed linings from dirt and molds;
- To prevent mold growth and consequent unpleasant smell inside the yacht;
- Dirty laundry and galley ducts are dangerous fire hazards;
- Land base regulations impose strict rules by applying regular cleaning of ventilation ducts.