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is a company that design and manufacture sewage treatment plants with high end quality since its foundation in 1972. HAMANN sewage plants are well known company with substantial market share through yachting industry.
The last international legislation for environmental protection has been followed through the years and recently HAMANN HL-CONT Plus acquired IMO MEPC.227(64) approval.

All HAMANN products are fully designed and handmade constructed in Germany under strict and non-compromising control.
Hamann products to the yachting industry :
HL-Count plus series suitable for 24 persons on board and more in seagoing voyages (without special areas)
Certified according to MEPC.227(64)


Automatic operation
Easy and friendly maintenance
Relatively high flow rate for the foot print
No membranes or filters to get clogged
Durable and unbreakable equipment in long term
Hamann sewage treatment plants are Class A according to Maritime Safety Queensland standards. Each sewage treatment plant is hand-built in Germany to the highest marine standards.

 Model  Persons  Daily Hydraulic Load(l)  Dimensions(cm)  Operational Weight(kg)  Brochure
 Super Mini Plus  10  2118  84 x 55 x 66  123  pdf
 HL Cont Plus 02  30  5200  75 x 95 x 100  310  pdf
 HL Cont Plus 05  60  12000  100 x 130 x 140  950  pdf
 HL Cont Plus 10  130  24000  120 x 160 x 180  1630  pdf
 HL Cont Plus 20  250  48000  150 x 210 x 210  2800  pdf
 HL Cont Plus 40  510  96000  190 x 260 x 200  4100  pdf
 HL Cont Plus 80  1040  192000  210 x 470 x 270  8800  pdf

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