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Reverse Osmosis

HYDRO ELECTRIQUE MARINE (HEM) has brought knowledge and experience to the yachting industry in water treatment on board.  HEM systems enchance with first grade quality products in reverse osmose systems, filtrations, softeners and sterilization. HEM provides quality water treatment solutions since its foundation in 1981.
Yacht Engineering BG Ltd. is able to provide our clients with the best solutions for all needs of fresh water onboard.
HEMs products can be divided into two major groups of products each of them covering different aspects of the water treatment process:
Reverse Osmosis Systems (R.O.S.)
Fresh Water Treatment Systems (W.T.S) 

Reverse Osmosis Systems (R.O.S)
The current range of R.O.S. units covers all requirements; from small, cost effective units for smaller yachts, to the largest ultra-rugged duplex units, capable of high sustained output under continuous operation, where reliability is essential.
The various models are designed to be space efficient and accessible, long lasting and simple to maintain. They can be supplied as compact framed units for ease of installation; modular for fitting into confined spaces; or custom built to fit particular design parameters.
The Duplex Systems comprise of two separate and independent R.O.S. units housed within a single framework, optimising space and combining efficiency of operation with ease of installation.

Fresh Water Treatment systems (W.T. systems):
Since no water is 100 percent pure and always contains contaminants from natural and man-made sources, and keeping in mind that no single water treatment device treats all problems, HEM launched a new family of products, namely the fresh Water Treatment Systems (W.T.S.).

In order to preserve the quality of the stored-water, HEMs range of fresh W.T.S. proposes the following treatments:
Water Softeners
These three major types of treatments are or conveniently combined and integrated into a single frame, called Fresh Water Skids (F.W.S.) or available as separate units, to suit the needs of each client and installation.

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Reverse Osmosis