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Mastervolt offers integrated electrical systems which generate, store, convert or manage alternating and direct current. It is realised by using high-quality technology in digital switching, energy storage by means of Lithium Ion batteries, and chargers/inverters that are both efficient and user-friendly. All these products communicate in the same language via the MasterBus platform. This ensures that everyone working with a Mastervolt system can always see the right information related to each product in the system. Onboard, at the yard or on remote, system analyses are always easy to perform. This ensures a carefree and reliable electrical power system which enables sailors to enjoy having electricity onboard without any concerns. Boat builders and owners expect the same level of comfort from the electricity onboard as they are used to at home. From the laundry to the latest navigation software, from multimedia systems to heating, cooling and electric cooking, everything must be equally reliable and easy to use.

Mastervolt products

Mastervolt systems are built with products from several main segments. Find your product in one of these segments. 

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                       Store                                 Manage & Monitor  


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