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Cathelco is a world leader in production of cathodic protection systems for the luxury yachts, navy vessels and all kind of marine structures. Each protection system is designed to protect your asset with the highest degree of reliability and efficiency. All systems are supplied with a worldwide warranty program supported by many sales and service agencies.

    Mini AF systems for superyachts  Nano systems for luxury yachts
The Mini AF system eliminates blockages in seawater engine cooling systems caused by barnacles and mussels and has been designed for larger luxury yachts with a number of seawater inlets. With its compact design, the Micro control panel can easily be fitted in engine rooms where space is limited. Systems can be supplied solely for anti-fouling or as dual purpose units combining anti-fouling and corrosion suppression features.
The Nano System are with an ultra-compact control panel which can be fitted in areas where space is limited. Systems provide anti-fouling only or a combination of anti-fouling and corrosion suppression. A variety of anode types are available to fit within the smallest strainers, including anodes with integral cathodes for plastic strainers and individually mounted cathodes to reduce corrosion. Easy to install and economically priced, the Nano System brings peace of mind to owners of luxury yachts from just 20ft upwards.
 Mini Control Panels (EB/CC) for smaller vessels  Anodes for smaller vessels

The Mini Control Panel have been designed for smaller vessels, yachts and fishboats where the
available space is limited. Although compact, they have clear digital displays and alarm features.
- Dimensions: 2 anode outputs 200 x 300 x 120mm (5kg)
- Dimensions: 4 anode outputs 300 x 300 x 120mm (8kg) - Output 2 amps maximum per anode N/C alarm output
                                                  For use on workboats, patrol craft, fishing vessels and tugs         
The size of the anodes is determined by the flow rates and their anticipated design life,
taking into consideration the scheduled dry docking period. Detailed drawings are supplied
for every ship to assist in installation and ensure that the anodes are positioned for maximum
effectiveness in the seawater flow. The anodes can be installed using a number of mounting
arrangements including steel flanges, steel sleeves, nylon mountings and cofferdams. 
- Steel pipework – protected by copper and aluminium anodes. - Cupro-nickel pipework – protected by copper and ferrous anodes. - Anodes with integral cathodes – used where there is no return path for the current in close proximity. - Nano and Omni anodes are examples. - Seachest mounted anodes – generally installed at newbuilding and are replaced at drydocking. - Strainer mounted anodes – can be replaced at any time when the vessel is alongside. Anodes with dedicated cathode arrangements. Used where strainer bodies are internally lined and the strainer basket is isolated.

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