Our best engineers accomplished project at Lauren L Yacht-Engineering - Superyacht technical management, yacht survey, superyacht project engineering

Our best engineers accomplished project at Lauren L

 The proffesionals from Yacht Engineering accomplished refit at Lauren L yacht with installation
of 2 watermakers - HEM series 38 desalination 
system custom made, modular type.
The instalaltion was done considering as little as possible room and easier maintenance.
This systems are with total output 2x21 000 litres a day. 
The water on board complies with the current recomendation to prevent contamination of freshwater storage. 
and distribution systems - MSN 1214 by having on board Silver- Copper Ion sterilizer S
I/SCI inaccording to MCA rules, also installed by Yacht Engineering. 
We wish safe and sound sailing of passenger vessel Lauren L

Benefits of HEM Series 38 :
► Epoxy coated stainless steel frames, mounted on stainless steel ‘silent’ blocks.
► Rotary high pressure pumps made from stainless steel and water lubricated.  Low maintenance – only need to be serviced after 8,000 hours.
► Automatic pressure build-up and slow pressure drop during the start and stop sequences, enables the desalinator to be controlled remotely.
► The product water output can be automatically controlled according to the salinity of the feedwater to avoid damaging the membranes, for example, when navigating past a river mouth.
► All of the main control components including LP & HP switches, 3 way product diverter valves, salinity sensors and flow sensors are easily accessible from the front of the unit for easy maintenance and repair purposes.
► Only two 8 inch membranes giving a total output of 2x21,000 litres/day. This simplifies changing membranes since there are only half the number of pressure vessels in comparison with systems using 4 inch vessels.
► The complete front panel can flip forward on two support brackets giving easy access to the membranes, if access from the sides is a problem.
Benefits of HEM Type SI/SCI :
► Sterilises water using silver and copper ions.
► Operates via water counter in freshwater pipe to vessel’s tank.
► Water containing silver ions is injected into flow at prescribed intervals.
► Simple, safe and effective.


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Our best engineers accomplished project at Lauren L